Wojciech Rzadkosz - Cryptocurrency Expert, Runner and Cycling Enthusiast

Wojciech Rzadkosz - Cryptocurrency Expert, Runner and Cycling Enthusiast

Wojciech Rzadkosz is an engineer and cryptocurrency expert, developing autonomous trading algorithms to leverage the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Wojciech found GROW@Green Park when searching for a nest to base his company and was initially attracted by the amenities of Green Park.

As a fitness enthusiast, Wojciech takes advantage of the beautifully landscaped trails and health and fitness facilities on site – from joining the running club to taking part in the annual open water swim at Longwater Lake.

We caught up with Wojciech to find out what makes coworking at GROW an ideal place to work, keep fit and stay balanced.

Hi Wojciech, tell us what’s been happening since you joined GROW?

I’ve been with GROW@Green Park since April and during this time I’ve been trying to make the cryptocurrency ecosystem a fairer place by employing automated trading techniques to level prices across multiple markets.  If that sounds too complicated, let’s just say I’ve spent a lot of time programming. On the side of this I’ve also been educating the local community on the topic of cryptocurrencies through a series of meetups which I held here at GROW. There are a few videos of it on youtube.

What do you like about working here? What makes GROW so special?

After having worked from home for quite some time I started missing the office environment. My wife, who works just across the street from GROW, at PRA, mentioned to me there was a co-working space in Green Park so I immediately signed up for my free trial day. I loved it here from day one and felt very welcome. I soon found out GROW wasn’t just your typical co-working space, but rather a vibrant co-working community of inspiring individuals and unique businesses. It really feels good to be part of it.

It’s a combination of things. Some of them are big, like Louize - The Hub Mum (a.k.a. the founder) asking everyone about their opinion before making a strategic decision, key to GROW’s future, and some of them are very small, like the lunch time laugh and giggle at the kitchen table or Jamie’s ‘guess the size of the pastry’ competition to raise cash for the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Since I am a very active person, I like it that GROW is situated in Green Park where I have all the amenities I need to balance my sit-all-day job. It also shouldn’t go unmentioned that GROW is run as a not-for-profit organisation and for that reason it’s able to keep its rates very competitive.

We know you’re a keen runner and fitness is important to you - have you explored all the fitness amenities on Green Park?

Green Park is an ideal place for those wanting to stay active for its abundance of natural space and sports amenities. I particularly enjoy going for a lunch time run around the park to unwind a bit and charge up my batteries for the afternoon. The peace and quiet along Longwater Lake allow me to declutter my mind and contemplate new ideas which is so important at my work. There’s even the Green Park Running Club on Strava where I connect with the local runners and compete for mileage every week. One fun thing I did this year was joining the annual open water swim at Longwater Lake. It was a great way to meet people from other parts of Green Park. I am yet to try the Green Park hire bikes and the multipurpose sports court.

You’re a cyclist too, do you cycle to Green Park?

Yes, most days. There’s a towpath running all the way from Reading town centre into Green Park completely traffic-free which I travel on twice a day. On a typical day it’s actually faster to cycle in than to drive or take a bus, so there’s almost no incentive to drive to work other than if it’s rainy and cold.

Thanks Wojciech, it’s good to hear how GROW residents are able to enjoy our stunning surroundings and the amenities of Green Park – a little bit of countryside with easy access from Reading and M4! Steady, we’re suddenly feeling inspired to go for a run around Longwater Lake - how about we set up a GROW Tennis Tournament in the spring? :-)