♪♫ I Want To Ride My Bicycle... ♪♫ ♩

…I want to ride my bike ♪♫ ♩

Now that Spring has sprung and the better weather was here (we’re sure it will be back soon), it might be time to rustle out (and de-rust) the bikes and get some fresh Spring air!

Several of our residents cycle to and from GROW and love the ride; they tell us it sets them up for the day and is a great way to wind down before getting home. And of course, whizzing past traffic jams is always a joy!

Also, if you’re not up to riding to GROW, you can still enjoy the benefits of cycling by hiring (free) a Green Park bike to explore the beautiful park and trails.

Why GROW Residents Cycle to Work

Here’s what they have to say…

“I cycle from home in Earley to GROW whenever I’m working here. The ride wakes me up in the morning, so I’m fired up and ready to start when I get into the office.  

The journey home gives me a wind down period at the end of the day, and of course it’s all good exercise when you spend much the day in front of a computer. It’s a pretty straight forward ride – much of which can be done off main roads.

My ride takes me round or through the University campus to Shinfield road, past Cintra Park and then down Northumberland Avenue and across to the cycle path from Central Reading to Green Park. This path is flat, straight and fast, although a good front light is recommended if you cycling it in the dark as couple of short sections are not that well-lit. 

Traffic is relatively light on most parts of my route, even at rush hour, and is pretty minimal in Green Park itself – except at around 5pm when it can be congested.

Cycling past the stationary cars queuing to get onto the A33 at that time is a satisfying experience! I firmly believe it’s important to do all we can to reduce unnecessary car use and riding rather than driving to work is one of the best ways of doing that.”


“There’s a towpath running all the way from Reading town centre into Green Park completely traffic-free which I travel on twice a day. On a typical day it’s actually faster to cycle in than to drive or take a bus, so there’s almost no incentive to drive to work other than if it’s rainy and cold.”


“I use the cycle path along the A33, which takes you away from the traffic for part of route along the river. It’s a pleasant ride and quite a nice way to wind down after work. Heading to GROW takes about 15-20 minutes from Reading town centre, depending on how fast you cycle.”


Cycling to GROW@Green Park

Cycle Paths - GROW is situated on Green Park, located on NCN23 route which links with NCN4 into Reading or Basingstoke. There are also traffic free paths to follow to Reading town center along Foudry Brook or the River Kennet.

See here for more info

ReadyBike – Ready Bike is Reading Borough Council’s bike hire scheme to improve sustainable travel alternatives around Reading with 29 stations around the town. Green Park has three ReadyBike collection/drop off points:

  • ·         100 Longwater Avenue

  • ·         Brook Drive

  • ·         Lime Square South Oak Way

See here for more info

Showers - and just in case you need to cool down and freshen up, we have showers too!

Cycling Around Green Park

Green Park Cycle Hire – Green Park Cycle Hire is free and available to anyone wanting to explore Green Park. It’s a great way to see the beautifully landscaped grounds of the park, enjoy some fresh air and get back to nature! There are two collection/drop off points:

  • ·         100 Longwater Avenue

  • ·         250 South Oak Way

See here for more info


Cycling Discounts

easitGREEN PARK is part of the easitNETWORK and is free for employers on Green Park to join and for their employees to become members. The scheme provides incentives supporting sustainable travel options, including a range of discounts on bikes and cycling accessories.

See here for more info


Free Parking (just in case :-))

Off course, if you’re driving – we have FREE PARKING :-)!