14 Reasons Remote Working is Here to Stay

14 Reasons Remote Working is Here to Stay

While industry imagineers the ‘Future of Work’ - from up-skilling a workforce for jobs that don’t yet exist and exploring the many paths ahead to digital transformation - remote working as a concept is already here and gathering force.

‘Remote Work’ covers all aspect of working which do not conform to the traditional expectation of the 9am-5pm/office location. From flexible working patterns to working from home, 100% remote and digital nomadism, the opportunities and benefits of remote work are applicable to both employer and employee.


1.       Event planners know they can fill conferences on remote working (including a virtual Remote Remote Conference!).

2.       Linkedin has an ‘I’m open to working remotely’ button.

3.       ‘Remote’ word search on traditional recruitment platforms yields results.

4. Remote Working Jobs boards.

5.       Gallup conducts a survey which reveals employee engagement climbs when employees spend time working off-site.

6.       The Fast Company writes articles about why remote working is here to stay.

7. Forbes writes articles about remote working trends for 2019.

8.       Destination co-working spaces. And you really want to go there!

9.      Destination Digital Nomad Hotels. And you really want to go there!

10.     Remote online communities are a thing.

11.   Companies write books on how they built a remote company on purpose.

12.   You make a conscious decision not to apply for roles unless remote working is an option.

13. Your next home search includes a room for a ‘home office’ and you browse for ‘ergonomic’ chairs.

14.   Leading discussions on the Future of Tech, Future of Work, Digital Transformation and Diversity & Inclusion include remote working.