Goodbye and thank you......

When you know the time is right to hand the baton to the next person. This week I pushed the button on a goodbye to the troublesome child I absolutely love - GROW. I walk away on the 30th August but before then I hope someone steps up to take it on. It’s five years old this year, has incubated so many companies, seen a few failed projects but it’s been a home to so many. It has hosted students, allowed companies to hire apprentices, been a home for Meet-ups - we started the Reading Google Developer Group and a whole bunch of others but at its heart has been community. It’s printed the odd 3d 🎩 I’ve seen some great startups and also scratched my head with some of the ideas.

What am I up to next? Building on the digital skills and events I’ve been running for the last four years. Which includes opening a space in Reading town centre in the Autumn. It’s called The Curious Lounge and will be a place to listen, learn and meet. GROW was always my not for profit side hustle - my give back to the community.

Not a bad innings for a 3 month PR stunt to prove a point that nobody cared about startup & small biz in Reading. Has that changed? Not really, but hopefully it will soon - they are the future. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our community - it’s been a blast albeit an exhausting one. Louize, Hub Mum